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  Community Pharmacy

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Benchmarking Guidelines for Community Pharmacy Practice

Background ( For info only )


  • Area: a minimum of 200 Sq. ft.
  • Designated area for counselling, waiting area.
  • Designated area for wet and dry compounding/dispensing.
  • Exterior display:
    Signboard: Pharmacy/Advertisement Ratio?
  • Display of types of services available e.g. blood glucose, cholesterol, pregnancy, blood grouping tests or electronic blood pressure monitoring.
  • Security
    Locks to main door/gate.
    Lock to Psychotropic drugs.
    Poison products under lock and key.
  • Insurance
    Professional indemnity
    Public liability
    Fire and burglary
  • Level of cleanliness and hygiene.
    Pest control
  • General Environment for clients.
    Conform to occupational and safety health requirements : escape way.
    Noise level
    Arrangement/ display of OTC products; ease of selection of products.
    Temperature, lighting and ventilation.
  • Availability of refrigerator.
  • Method of pharmaceutical waste disposal. (For info only)


  • Inventory control : computerisation/ stockcards.
  • Availability of mortar and pestle, weighing balance, counting tray and measuring cylinders. 


  • Image presented, both RPH and staff dressing code.
  • Training for staff.

Dispensing of Medicines

  • Dispensing must be under the supervision of the pharmacist.
    Dangerous drugs and Psychotropic.
    Prescription and Pharmacy Only Medicines (Gp C)
    OTC medicines
    Cases of referral to pharmacists by pharmacy/sales assistants.
  • Screening of prescription by the pharmacist. The Pharmacist must ensure that the patient receives sufficient info and advise to enable the safe and effective use of the medicines.
  • Interventions.
  • Records
  • Dispensing container : use of amber bottle.
  • Labelling (printed and hand written) bears the proprietary/generic names, strength, quantity, manufacturer’s name, batch no and expiry dates.
  • Maintenance of Patient Medication Record. (By means of card, a record book, by computer)

Dispensing errors

  • Steps to minimise e.g. incorrect selection, incorrect interpretation.
  • Checking procedures and cautions.

Inventory management.

  • External use - preferably to store separately from internal use items.
  • Control of expired and expiring stocks.
  • Storage space/compartments.

Reference library

  • Martindale
  • BNF
  • BPC 1970 ?
  • Dims
  • Other reference books and relevant legislation references.

Professional Standards.

  • Pharmacist’s ethics.
  • The accountability of the pharmacist.
  • Professional competence. Involvement in MPS’s CPE programme.
  • Observance of relevant laws.
  • The pharmacist must ensure that the confidentiality of patient information.
  • Extent of interaction with colleagues and other health professionals.
  • Participation in MPS activities.

Participation in Health Promotion Activities.

  • Participation in community activities.

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