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Title: MPS Membership Drive 2019
Date: 01-Feb-2019
Category: Membership

>>> Click here to apply for membership

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Please note important notice after the announcement below.


Dear Members / Pharmacists

Please note that when you renew or apply for MPS membership 2019, Abbott had supported this campaign by providing you with a gift.  You can redeem this and Abbott will send it to you from their warehouse.  To do this you are require to provide some personal data like postal addresses and others.

Please read their Privacy Notice when you do so. If you so wish you may request for access to or correction of the Personal Data, submit inquiries or complaints, or limit the processing of the Personal data at any time by contacting them

In addition you are require to answer some questions.  At this moment it is mandatory to do so but there are some re-programming of the request form to make it optional. So you may either redeem now and answer the questions, or wait for later to redeem if you do not wish to answer the questions.

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