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Welcome to the MPS-Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Online Points Registration System for Registered Pharmacists in Malaysia

Please read through the Step-by-Step Guide below which is specially written based on feedback from users over the years. What you wish to know is very likely to be answered in the guidelines.

A FAQ Section can be found at the bottom of this quideline for your convenience

In case you do need to contact us the preferred method is by email. For providers please email to lydia.mps@gmail.com.  For CPD submission approval please email to mps.cpd@gmail.com

On this website you can record all your CPD participation and can print out a Certificate of Achievement at any period of time

This service is provided free to current MPS Members > MPS Membership Form

Non-members may register just to use this CPD online service: Online form / print out

The category of CPD points can be downloaded here

Link to the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy online courses



1 Login using the provided login name and password at the site www.mps.org.my/cpdonline
2 Go to My CPD Records
3 Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Add a CPD Record". The "Add a CPD" screen will appear and you will see a table to be filled in
4 Name of Activity: Click on "List of CPD Activities" to check if the program you are entering is listed
4.1 A calendar of activities will pop up. Go the date of the event and choose the activity. A new screen will show this activity details. If it is the correct one, click "Insert this CPD". The event will be inserted into our record

I f you activity is not listed, go to step 4.2
4.1.1 Check through this inserted record that the details are correct namely the Date, Total Hours, Category / Breakdown, and especially CPD Points. Update / amend if necessary
4.1.2 If all are correct, "Submit" (see more at step 5)
4.2 If your activity is not listed in the Calendar of activities, it does not mean it is not an approved item, as for example your activity which is specific for yourself or your place of work. For this case you have to enter manually
4.3 In the heading "Name of Activity" key in manually the appropriate Name

Most CPD program are organised as an event with a theme. In such cases please DO NOT Key in Topic by Topic or lecture by lecture - kindly key in the seminar name itself
4.4 Description of Activity : It is important to give a brief description eg "This is a training session which I conducted on .." or if you are doing a self-reading, give the title of journal, the paper, year, volume, and page number.
4.5 Date - to be fill in
4.6 Total Hours
4.7 Category: This is dropdown menu  - choose the one that best fit your activity (A1 - A11, and B1- B3)
4.8 Go the "Breakdown" and choose appropriately
4.9 CPD Points : choose the appropriate number following the dropdown menu guide
4.10 Key in any remarks if there are any
4.11 Look through all your entries before "Submit" ( see more at Step 5)
5 Your entry will be display, and in the column "CPD Status" will show "Under Review"
6 NOTE: It takes about 2 weeks for the reviewer to verify and approved all CPD submission.
7 For your CPD records which you have submitted earlier, if the CPD Status show "Under Review" and there is a comment in the Remarks column (Verifier), please re-visit your record and respond in the Remarks column



You will not see your previous year entry if you are updating it now. This is because the default display for the CPD onLine is the current year. For example if you submit year 2019 activities in year 2020,  to view the year 2019 entry, click on the year display next to your name below

If the activity covers a two-year period it will still be display in the previous year.  For example if it is from 2019-2020, it till be display in 2019 and not in the 2020 page..

It will not be approved but instead it will be place under a "Pending" CPD status. The Reviewers will not be responsible to search for these Pending cases when the event has finally taken place. They may be left unattended and will not be counted into your points.

Other browser may face login errors and that is much regretted for the inconvenience.

In your feedback email please observe the following protocols:
  1. Please enter your name and the topic in the Subject Matter of the email, eg "Adam - Points clarification".
  2. In the email contents, include your full name and login name
  3. This email is for use for CPD enquiries matter only related to yourself as in queries related to the CPD online Points Registration System, including appeal for reclassification of your CPD category.

Please check the CPD activity in this list before you update your CPD records.

No login is require to view the list.

However the full features of this list can only be found when you login (member only). Among them:
  1. You can have a calendar view of the activities
  2. Search the activities using free text
  3. Auto filling of the specific event to your personal record when chosen
Please note that the Pick List consists only of those activities that are reported to us by the organiser. It does not mean that those not reported are not approved. Practically all activities that contribute to continuing professional development are encouraged.

Some program are tailored for specific needs of the participants and may not be open for registration or may require a fee.

The Pick List not an open invitation for registration. Participation is sometimes by invitation, or by registration, or by payment of a fees or it may even be complimentary. In any event there is always a limit to the capacity for attendance due to logistics reasons (for example: size of seminar room, optimum number for effective communication as in a workshop).
13 Deleting of records / Amending of Records

There is a built-in measure to avoid any accidental deletion of records, that is it is not possible to delete any records once entered. However if the record is not yet approved by the Reviewer, you may amend it by editing it with a new record, ie you override with new data. Pending records that are not approved can thus be amended in this manner. Similarly records that have been accidentally entered or submitted twice, while not being able to be deleted, can be override by amending it with new data. Records that have been approved cannot be amended by user

Continuing Professional Development has been defined as the responsibility of individual pharmacists for systematic maintenance, development and broadening of knowledge, skill and attitudes, to ensure continuing competence as a professional, throughout their careers. The Society therefore recommends that each pharmacist perform this personal and professional responsibility in order to keep up to date to perform at the expected level. This process is continuous involving self-appraisal, personal plan, participation, action and evaluation.

This CPDonline has been developed to help pharmacists keep track of their participation in continuing education program which form part of the CPD achievement. To ensure compliance with the Ministry of Health of Malaysia CPD requirement, the grading system scoring schedule for continuing pharmacy education component provided by the CPD Committee of the Malaysian Pharmacy Board has been adopted for awarding of credit points.


For Providers / Organisers of CPD activities:

Q1. How do I apply for cpd points for the event I am organising

A1: You may do so using the CPD application form for providers which can be found >> here

► For MPS members / pharmacists:

Q2: I enter my cpd records but it is not shown in my submission

A2: It could be that the start date of your cpd activity,  or the date of the cpd activity you enter is the previous year.  Please click on the year display next to your name at the top of the cpd page ( see item 8 ) 

Q3: I have been denied access to my cpd records

A3: Please ensure that your membership is up to date.  Do note that membership is for calender year, that is until 31st Dec of each year, irrespective of which month you join or subscribe to the cpd system

Q4: I have forgotten my password / I have forgotten my login name

A4: Email to mps.cpd@gmail.com with your 1) Full name,  2) Pharmacists Registration Number 

Q5: The cpd points for the event which I submitted qualify for 5 points. But when I submit it only show 1 point.

A5: Please amend accordingly ( see item 4.1.1 and 4.9 above ) 

Q6: The event I participated is not in the List of CPD activities / not in the CPD Pick List. How do i submit to claim cpd points

A6: Please enter the event into the manually ( see item 4.2 ) . You also need to provide a description of the activity  (item 4.4). All other fields must be filled in as well ( item 4.3 - 4.11)

Q7: I am not a member of MPS. How can I access the cpd online website to record my cpd activities

A7: Please join as a member. >> MPS membership application. Or you may gain access to the cpd online website for an annual fees >> online form 

Q8: Can i get CPD points by being a member of MPS?

A8: Yes. It is category B2 National and it qualifies for 5 points a year.

Q9: I am a life member of MPS,  Do I qualify for cpd points every year

A9: Yes you qualify for CPD points every year  - see Q8 which is also applicable.

Q10: Can I get CPD points by attending the professional body AGM?

A10: Yes, it is category B3 and it qualifies for 2 points a year

Q11: I have already register to attend a seminar. Can I submit my entry for cpd points now?

A11: No, you cannot submit any entry for cpd points before the event ( see item 9). Even if you do and the event then take place it will not be review and not be approved.





Continuing Pharmacy Education Activities News of interest to Pharmacy in Malaysia (courtesy of MPS)
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