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Bulan Ramadhan adalah masa yang sesuai untuk memulakan diet. Pada bulan Ramadhan inilah juga masa yang sesuai untuk mengajar diri sendiri mengawal nafsu makan dan seterusnya membuat perubahan gaya hidup yang lebih sihat.


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Body weight is a major influence on health throughout life. Obese people are generally less healthy and are more prone to illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and arthritis. Weigh yourself regularly and know your desirable body weight. Weigh yourself at least twice a month at the same time of the day wearing light clothing.

The scales do not necessarily tell you the true story of your weight. They do not indicate the distribution of your fat storage onto the abdomen and central region of your body. When it comes to your health it isn't only a matter of what you weigh but where you are storing the excess fat cells. Use the on-line calculator below to take the test.

Check your pulse periodically to see if you are exercising within your target zone. As you get in better shape, try exercising within the upper range of your target zone. (If just beginning an exercise program, consult your doctor first). Enter your age to find a target heart rate during exercise. You'll get the most out of your activities by staying within this range of heartbeats/minute.
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