Holiday Eating Frenzy

Holiday is when everything is too good to resist. During holiday, the temptations are everywhere especially the food. Is diet possible during holiday? Here are some tips how to stay eat healthy

Set realistic expectations
During holiday, perhaps we have to focus more on maintaining weight instead of losing weight.

Portion control
The art of diet is to enjoy your favourite food in moderation. You can eat what you want but control the portion size.  Remember this:  eat small & frequent. You also can share with your partner. Sharing is caring.

Don’t go easy on fibre
Even though you are on holiday, it doesn’t mean your diet on holiday as well. We always forget our vital nutrient, fibre while we on vacation.  Fibre makes meal more satisfying and helps you to control hunger. Include fruit, vegetables or whole grain product wherever it is possible.  Extra point, these foods provide antioxidants and vitamin to lower your risk to get sick.

Plain water
When you are on vacation or travel, your body will easily get dehydrate. Bring plain water with you everywhere you go.

Cut calorie from your drink
Choose no calorie drink such as coffee, tea or lime juice with no sugar. If you still curb for sweet beverages go for diet soda. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for alcohol. What you have to do is again drink in moderation.

Stay active
While you are on holiday, you must be doing a lot of fun thing such as hiking, travelling, swimming or any adventurous activities. So, stay active even shopping requires you to walk a lot. Don’t forget your running shoes so that you still can go for jog if you don’t have any activities.

Nurulain Othman