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Johor AGM and Dialogue with Type A licence holder, 24.03.2019, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai, Johor

Read More > Date 24-Feb-2019 | Category Johore
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town Johor

Read More > Date 15-Aug-2018 | Category Johore

Read More > Date 09-Jun-2018 | Category Johore
MPS-Johor Seminar 2015 / Annual Dialogue with the Pharmaceutical Services Division, Dept of Health Johor, 12/9/15, Hospital Permai, JB

Read More > Date 12-Sep-2015 | Category Johore
CPD Dinner Talk-Respiratory, Gastroenterology & Dermatology, 09/08/2014, KSL Resort Johor Bahru

Read More > Date 25-Jul-2014 | Category Johore
CPD Talk for Community Pharmacists:, 26/4/14, Thistle Hotel, Johore Bharu (Target Participants Community Pharmacists)

Read More > Date 26-Apr-2014 | Category Johore
CPD Dinner Talk: Novel Approach in Treating Premature Ejaculation, 14th Dec 13, Renaissance Hotel, Johor Bahru

Read More > Date 29-Nov-2013 | Category Johore
Management of Obesity and Overweight, Training for Community Pharmacists (14th April 2013, JB)

Read More > Date 18-Mar-2013 | Category Johore
Seminar: Management of Obesity and Overweight - Training for Pharmacists, 03rd Nov 2012 (Saturday), Grand Paragon Hotel, JB (Postponed until Further Notice)

Read More > Date 08-Oct-2012 | Category Johore
CPD Talk: Roadshow on New Developments in Pharmacy Practice, 07/07/2012 (Saturday), New York Hotel, Johor Bharu

Read More > Date 02-Jul-2012 | Category Johore
CPE Dinner Talk on Atopic Dermatitis: 17th Feb 2012 (Friday), Thistle Johor Bharu

Read More > Date 08-Feb-2012 | Category Johore
CPD Talk: Mucus, Chest Congestion and the Role of Guaifenesin, 07/08/10 (Saturday), Dewan Johor, Level 2, Mutiara Johor Bahru, CANCELLED

Read More > Date 29-Jul-2010 | Category Johore
Dialogue with Johor Pharmaceutical Services Division and Johor Pharmacist (26th June 2010, New York Hotel, Johor Bahru)

Read More > Date 21-Jun-2010 | Category Johore
Johore Area - Dialogue & AGM 2009

Read More > Date 25-Jun-2009 | Category Johore
CPE Dinner Lecture (2nd May 2009, Emerald 2, Level 3, Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru)

Read More > Date 09-Apr-2009 | Category Johore
Know Your Pharmacist Campaign (22nd February 2009, Kompleks Angsana, Johor Bahru)

Read More > Date 11-Feb-2009 | Category Johore
Johor Area Committe Dinner-27th October 2007 (Saturday), Zon Regency Hotel, Johore Bahru

Read More > Date 21-Sep-2007 | Category Johore

Read More > Date 24-Jul-2007 | Category Johore
Interactive update on fungal infections, 22/07/2007, Johore Bahru

Read More > Date 25-Jun-2007 | Category Johore
Paradigm Shift in Asthma Management:

Read More > Date 14-Jun-2007 | Category Johore

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