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BLESS is no BLESSING: MPS Calls for Improvement in Pharmacist Annual Retention Certificate Renewal Application

Read More > Date 30-Dec-2016 | Category
For Sin Chiew Article on Confiscated Goods

Read More > Date 23-Jun-2016 | Category
For The Star Article on 'GP Step to Medical Treatment'

Read More > Date 13-Jul-2016 | Category
Isu Penggunaan Vaksin

Read More > Date 23-Jun-2016 | Category
Kenyataan Rasmi

Read More > Date 06-Jul-2018 | Category
Letter to the Editor

Read More > Date 12-Oct-2016 | Category
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Rolls out Prescription Education Campaign

Read More > Date 25-Sep-2016 | Category
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Wants Pharmacists To Become Antibiotic Guardians

Read More > Date 02-Mar-2017 | Category
MEDIA INVITATION to the Miss Global Intercontinental Malaysia 2016 - Women Health Education Forum by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)

Read More > Date 26-Jul-2016 | Category
Medical Graduates risk losing basic skills if not working for a year, FPMPAM

Read More > Date 15-Aug-2016 | Category
MPS: Malaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietor's General Association's 'Kiddies Pack' Suggestion Contradicts Efforts to Reduce Smoking

Read More > Date 02-Sep-2017 | Category
MPS: Pharmacist Conquer Highest Peak to Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Read More > Date 28-Aug-2017 | Category
PFM: Saranan 'Kiddies Pack' Oleh Persatuan Peniaga Kedai Kopi Adalah Langkah Yang Bertentangan Dengan Usaha Mengurangkan Gejala Merokok

Read More > Date 02-Sep-2017 | Category
Pharmacists Pledge to Be Antibiotic Guardians

Read More > Date 02-Mar-2017 | Category
Pharmacy Bill: Pharmacists and Consumers on the same page, says MPS

Read More > Date 27-Sep-2017 | Category
President Speech-Launch of the National World Antibiotic Awareness Week-16 November 2016

Read More > Date 16-Nov-2016 | Category
Response Artikel Kosmo Bertarikh 15-6-2016

Read More > Date 16-Jun-2016 | Category
Response to Letter Dated 22 June 2016: Think of the Cost Factor Too

Read More > Date 24-Jun-2016 | Category
Response to Medication must not be sold without prescription (Star Online)

Read More > Date 29-Aug-2016 | Category
Training Places for Pharmacy Graduates

Read More > Date 01-Jun-2016 | Category

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