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Title: Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Rolls out Prescription Education Campaign
Date: 25-Sep-2016

Press Release

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Rolls out
Prescription Education Campaign

Georgetown, Penang - Statement from Tuan Haji Amrahi Buang, President of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society wishes all Pharmacists and Malaysians a Happy World Pharmacists Day 2016.

The theme for this year, Pharmacists: Caring for you, was chosen to reflect the important role of pharmacists in providing care to the public as the role of pharmacists has expanded from that of a provider of medicines to that of a provider of care.

Pharmacists are synergistic members of the healthcare team and should be in the forefront of all issues involving medications, wellness and patient safety related to drug therapy.

This year, MPS area committees from states across Malaysia, MPS chapters as well as Pharmacy Faculties of numerous universities are carrying out events designed to educate the public on the roles of pharmacist by showcasing pharmacy services in all sectors, the importance of requesting for a prescription and the importance of knowing your medication.

The prescription education campaign was initiated by MPS to provide educational material for the rakyat on the importance of having a prescription for their own health safety.

The main objective of the prescription education campaigned that is being officially rolled out in Penang to mark the 2016 World Pharmacists Day is to educate the patients on the importance of having a complete prescription. for the following reasons :

  1. It is a patient's right
  2. It allows the patient to know what medication has been prescribed and for what reason it has been prescribed;
  3. It provides patients the opportunity to exercise their right in choosing where they want to fill their prescription;
  4. It gives the patient the benefit of having proper counselling and review by a qualified pharmacist;
  5. It is a document that the patient can use as a reference when seeing a new doctor or pharmacist if the need arises or if they suffer an adverse reaction to their medication
  6. It is a document that can be used to obtain an emergency refill of their medication.

The announcement by the NPRA director Dr Salmah Bahri that the New Pharmacy Bill (NPB) was being revisited and redrafted before submission to the AG's Chambers was met positively by the pharmacy fraternity.

MPS lauds this move and hopes that the redrafting of the NPB should provide safety and quality to the rakyat in all aspects of pharmaceutical care delivery. The NPB also needs to ensure the quality and competency of pharmacists in this country. The highest level of practice at all sectors of pharmacy should be encouraged and supported. The government should address all contentious issues in the NPB to protect patients’ rights and to enhance medication safety.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Brief

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) is the national association for pharmacists formed in 1967 to promote and maintain the honor and interests of the profession of pharmacy in the country. The Society plays an important role to further the development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical education and to foster intraprofessional relationship among members. It strives to improve the Science of Pharmacy for the general welfare of the public by fostering the publication of scientific and professional information relating to the practice of pharmacy and aid in the development and stimulation of discovery, invention and research.

The Society also represents the interests of its members and also the general public by having representatives at the Pharmacy Board and the Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health, and other consumerrelated interest groups. The Society also confers Honorary membership, Fellowship and Awards to deserving pharmacists. For students, the MPS presents the annual MPS Gold Medallist Award to deserving graduating students from local pharmacy institutions.

Membership is opened to all registered pharmacists in Malaysia.

There is also a category for student membership. Through this channel students can focus their activities through various interest groups (NoGAPS, IPSF, Student Chapter). Special consideration is also given to students to attend MPSorganised activities either through complimentary invitation, or at special student rates.

The Society is actively engaging pharmacists in Continuing Professional Development activities. Throughout the year courses and seminars are being organized to facilitate pharmacists participation. It is also pursuing accreditation of pharmacies for standardization of practice.




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