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Title: FIP2003: Call for papers
Date: 04-Mar-2003
Category: Affiliations

FIP 2003


Submission deadline for Abstracts:1 April 2003.Only electronic submissions will be accepted. 

Instructions for abstract presenters:

All submitted abstracts must be written in English. Instructions and an electronic submission form may be found on this 

Abstracts can only be submitted in one of the Pharmaceutical Science Categories or to one of the Pharmacy Practice Sections.

Pharmaceutical science abstracts                         Screener

Medicinal chemistry and natural products                          Hans Junginger
Pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism                             Hans Junginger
Pharmacology/receptors                                                Hans Junginger
Physical pharmacy and preformulation                              Hans Junginger
Pharmaceutical analysis                                                 Hans Junginger
Drug finding,combinatorial chemistryand drug design            Hans Junginger
Clinical pharmacology and clinical sciences                        Hans Junginger
Bioavailability/bioequivalence                                          Hans Junginger
Pharmacoepidermiology/pharmacoeconomics                      Bert Leufkens
Pharmaceutical biotechnology                                         Gavin Brooks
Quality pharmaceuticals                                                 Susanne Keitel
Radiological/nuclear pharmacy                                         Stanley Shaw
Drug delivery/drug targeting                                            Vinod Shah
Pharmacogenomics                                                        Gavin Brooks

You can indicate on your electronic abstract submission form in which sub-topic of the two symposia you would like to be considered for an oral presentation: 

Symposium 1:
Oral drug delivery and absorption:Mechanisms and problem solving strategies
Symposium 2:
Input of genomics,proteomics and bioinformatics in drug discovery
(Some of the submitted abstracts will be selected for short oral presentations)

Pharmacy Practice abstracts

Pharmacy Practice abstracts can either be presented as a poster or as an oral communication (the decision lies with each individual Section) in the following categories:

                                                          Screening Section Officer:
Academic Pharmacy Section                           Ronnie Hansson

Administrative Pharmacy Section                   Marion Schaefer
Community Pharmacy Section                        Bente Frokjaer
Clinical Biology Section                                 Bernard Poggi
Hospital Pharmacy Section                             Toby Clark
Industrial Pharmacy Section                            Erich Sturzenegger
Laboratory and Medicines Control Services   Frans van de Vaart
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Section          Eva Németh
Military &Emergency Pharmacy Section        Robert van Damme
Pharmacy Information Section                        Han de Gier

Poster Session in Sydney 2003

Posters can be put up on
Friday, 5 September 2003 from 09.00-16.00.
Poster Session is from
Saturday, 6 until Monday, 8 September from 09.00-16.00.

All Presenters must man their poster board from 12.00-14.00 each day.
Posters must be removed by Monday, 8 September at 17.00.

Practical information:

  • Abstracts must be written in English and should not exceed 1700 characters (excluding title,author(s),
    name(s)and affiliations but including acknowledgements). 
  • Abstracts should provide a clear description of the aims, methods,results and conclusions.Concluding remarks and acknowledgements may be given at the end.The emphasis should be on the results of the study.All submitted abstracts must describe unpublished results.
  • Capitalise only the title and do not underline. 
  • Abstracts should arrive no later than 1 April 2003. Abstracts arriving after this deadline cannot be taken into consideration.

Abstract review

Several independent expert reviewers will review submitted abstracts.On the basis of the combined review ratings, abstracts will be:

  • accepted for oral presentation;
  • accepted for poster presentation;
  • rejected.

(Industrial posters are eligible for an award.) 

The outcome of the abstract review procedure will be mailed to the corresponding author as soon as possible by Parthen R&S.

Abstracts will only be published if the presenter is registered and has paid for the Congress by 1 May 2003.
Accepted abstracts by registered presenters will be made available on the FIP website prior to the Congress.


Please start your visa procedure at once.(Nationals of most countries need a visa to enter Australia). Please check with the Australian Embassy in your own country.FIP members will receive an official invitation letter and a FIP Mission Statement together with their annual membership invoice. Non-members who attended our Nice Congress will also receive an invitation letter for the Sydney Congress and a Mission Statement so they can proceed with their visa application. 
If you have paid your registration fee embassies can look up your abstract on the congress website (which might make your application easier). 

Poster board size: 1.8m wide x 1.2m high (landscape)


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