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Title: FIP 2003: Young Pharmacists and Students Programs
Date: 04-Mar-2003
Category: Affiliations

FIP 2003


FIP/YPG:Young Pharmacists Group

Saturday,6 September 2003

Dinner:Young Pharmacists Group Welcome Event

Sunday,7 September 2003

Dinner Cruise:Young Pharmacists Group Social Event

Monday,8 September 2003

Forum:How to be a seven-star decisionmaker

Chairman:Danielle Zammit,Chair,FIP YPG Steering
Committee 2002-2003
Facilitators:Alison Roberts,Ema Paulino,Sally Arnison

In the FIP document ?Good Pharmacy Education Practice ?the seven-star pharmacist is required to be:care-giver,decision maker,communicator,leader,manager,teacher and life-long learner.In the second of a series of forums addressing the skills required to be a seven-star pharmacist,the YPG will look at decision making.To fulfill this role the pharmacist must gather all the information and make an ethical decision based on a risk-benefit analysis. 


  • To expand upon the terms decision-making,ethical choice and risk-benefit analysis 
  • To assist young pharmacists in identifying the key elements of the decision-making process 
  • To give young pharmacists the opportunity to apply these principles in a practical,everyday contextual scenario 

The forum will consist of an opening lecture followed by discussion and a debate which will allow young pharmacists to apply decision-making principles to the choice of dispensing generic medication.The panel will consist of different stakeholders in such a decision.Such an example lends itself well to the topic because the decision depends on many levels and factors,including the patient ?s choice,bioequivalence of the drugs,access to the medicinal products and the authority to make the switch.

The programme is to be accredited for Australian pharmacists,and a certificate of attendance will be provided to others for accreditation in their own countries. 

Tuesday,9 September 2003

Business Meeting

FIP/IPSF Students ?Day

Sunday,6 September

New directions within the profession

Chairman:Carlos Quelhas,Portugal
The purpose of the FIP/IPSF Students ?Day Symposium is to introduce students to current trends in international pharmacy and to allow positive interaction between pharmacy professionals and pharmacy students.In line with this objective,this year ?s theme is ?New directions within the profession ?and the
focus is on the challenges that students and recent graduates face in the contemporaneous professional world.

Panel One

  1. ?Patient counselling and well-informed patients ?A new challenge to the pharmacist
    Some time ago,the information about medicines and medicines use became more available to ordinary patients and self-medication with no rules became a major problem in some countries.Meanwhile,today ?s patients are far better informed about drugs,adverse effects and also the alternative therapies available and this fact is a new challenge to the pharmacist counselling patients.
  2. ?The impact of new technologies in the profession - Pharmacy &Internet or the beginning of virtual pharmacy? It is almost impossible to express the importance of the new technologies developed in the last 20 years in the pharmacy world.However,only now are patients using these technologies and Internet resources more actively.Are pharmacists ready to answer to these new ?cyber patients ?or will this never become a dangerous reality?


Panel Two

  1. -The role of the pharmacist in developing health care systems The pharmacist is a member of the health care team,irreplaceable and with clear functions in several areas. Nevertheless,in health care systems that are still developing the pharmacist needs to take care of other subjects and has a key role in the future of this system.
  2. -Public health campaigns in the Neema Project ? How pharmacists can influence the positive change in society The Neema Project is the first Village Concept Project to be initiated by IPSF.The main goal of the project,since its initiation in 1993,has been to improve the health status of the villagers residing in and around Kiromo,Buma and Mataya in Tanzania.This has been achieved through various means, including the setting up of a dispensary and health education. After several rotations of pharmacy students from around the world we are able to make a short evaluation of this project and learn something about how pharmacists can influence a positive change in society!


Open Discussion on:

  1. -The future of the pharmacy profession in the modern world After an analysis of these four challenges pharmacists may face in the near future we can start thinking about the future of our own profession.Which ways do we have now and on which things should we focus in order to achieve the professional excellence we are all aiming for?

Closing remarks and acknowledgements


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