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Title: Events: November 2003 - December 2003 and beyond
Date: 04-Dec-2003
Category: Calendar of Events

Dairy of MPS: November 2003



Venue / Contact

MPS representative

1/11/03 Professional Dialogue 2003 BIM Secretariat John Chang
1-2/11/03 Forensic Tutorial Crystal Crown Hotel  
05/12/03 1st Meeting on Health Supplement Seminar BPFK MPS / MADSA
10/11/03 Forensic Exam Conducted by the Pharmacy Board of the Ministry of Health BPFK  
22/11/03 Opening Ceremony of the 16th Singapore Pharmacy Congress Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre John Chang
25/11/03 Kelantan Area AGM    
28-30/11/03 80th Reunion of the Alumni Association of the King Edward VII College of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Malaya and University of Singapore Marriot Putrajaya Prof Yeoh Peng Nam / Mr Tong Yew Sum
29/11/03 Rotating Lecture of the 80th Reunion of the Alumni Association Marriot Putrajaya Prof Yeoh Peng Nam / Mr Tong Yew Sum

Upcoming Events: December 2003 and Beyond




MPS representative

01/12/03 World Aids Day    
04/12/03 2nd Meeting of Organising Committee of Health Supplements Seminar BPFK MPS / MADSA
04-05/12/03 Management Skills for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Professional The Oriental, Singapore  
05-07/12/03 2nd Scientific Symposia on Erythropoietin Pangkot Laut Resort Roche (M) Sdn Bhd
07/12/03 Obesity and Health Seminar Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel Kotra Pharma (M) Sdn Bhd
09-12/12/03 Workshop Featuring FDA and EU Regulations for current GMPC Renaissance Hotel, KL  
10/12/03 Opening of the 12th Biennial Malaysian Law Conference Hotel Nikko, KL John Chang
12/12/03 World Town Planning Day Celebration - Dinner Invitation Renaissance Hotel, KL John Chang
13/12/03 MPS-Johor Area Annual Pharmacists Dialogue 2003 Micasa Hotel, Johor Bahru John Chang
13/12/03 USM Alumni Reunion Menara KL En Hasan Adly, Geliga System
10/01/04 AGM of Academy of Pharmacy Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel  
10/01/04 CSCSP Workshop Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel  
15/01/04 Bengkel Pelaksanaan Program CPD Perngkat Kebangsaan Institute of Health Management (IHM)  
06/03/04 AGM and Annual Dinner  To be advised  
07/03/04 AGM Seminar To be advised  
29/05/04-03/06/04 Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress Kyoto, Japan  
August 2004 MPS - Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2004 To be advised  
Sep 2004 FIP Congress 2004 New Orleans, USA  
November 2004 8th Pharmacy Nite (KIV) To be advised  
2004 20th FAPA Congress Bangkok, Thailand  


Please email/fax/write to MPS if:

  1. your event have been missed out, so that they can be included in the next update
  2. you/your area is organizing some events in the near future for pharmacists you know of any activities which MPS members could participate professionally
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