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Title: Know Your Pharmacist Campaign (September 2009)
Date: 14-Aug-2009
Category: Know Your Pharmacist
Description: A nation-wide campaign to get the public to Know Your Pharmacist

                                                    A Nation-wide campaign to get the public to Know Your Pharmacist

                          Know Your Pharmacist Campaign

Medication Safety Is Our Priority:

Know Your Pharmacist,

Know Your Medicine 


The KNOW YOUR PHARMACIST CAMPAIGN was conducted for the month of July and some publicity were given in the press, especially the New Straits Times.
It was the intention that July be a test run of the campaign, and learning from there, September will have a bigger participation with more activities
This  nationwide campaign to get the public to “Know Your Pharmacist” has actually been carried out in one form or another through various Hari Farmasi that is organized by the states for example Johore Bharu (22nd February 2009), Melaka (14th-15th March 2009) and soon in Penang at Queensbay Mall (08th-10th May 2009), Alor Setar (18th-19th July 2009), Sunway Pyramid in conjunction with the USCI Health Campaign, and recently at UKM MC in early August.
The month-long event is an opportunity for community pharmacists to take part to create awareness among the consumers on the role of pharmacists in the various sectors. This may include a series of activities like public forums, health campaigns and road shows, media/radio exposures and also a “walk-in” invitation for them to consult the community pharmacists on their health and medicine issues.
As we going to start the second phase of this program in September, community pharmacists who had not sign up previously are also encouraged to take part to support the activity as stated below.
Main Objective:
To bring up the AWARENESS of PHARMACIST’S PROFESSION in our society. 
  1. Participating pharmacists will need to register with MPS for communication purpose.
  2. Email is important means of communication for the campaign.
  3. List of participating pharmacies will be advertised in the media and also website. They will also be given a door sticker* with words e.g. “Know Your Pharmacist Campaign”.
  4. The public will have to call the pharmacies directly to fix an appointment with the pharmacist.
  5. Each pharmacy may determine their own consultation times
  1. The public will be asked to bring to the pharmacy all the medicines that are stored at home. The pharmacist will have to go through and check for expired or damaged drugs, relabel if necessary the non-expired drugs. Pharmacist will dispose of all unwanted drugs on their end.
  2. Pill boxes* may be given to selected customers to improve compliance
  3. A medicine summary card* will have to be filled by the pharmacist for the customer to know the name, dosage and uses of the drugs that they are taking
  4. Pharmacists are to check all the medication for proper dosage and times, polypharmacy, drug interactions and side-effects pertaining to the drugs.
* Items in asterix will be supplied by the campaign organizers.
Pharmacies that offer other services such as Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, and Chronic Disease Management may then promote it on their own.
  1. To the public – a chance to get counseling and advice on the medications that they are taking, thus avoiding unwanted adverse events. Make them a partner in the management of their health condition
  2. To the pharmacist- a chance to attract new customers, impress them and retain them as a regular to your outlet
  3. To the profession – an enhancement to our professional image, creating the need and demand by the public for pharmacists to get their dispensing separation
Pharmacists interested to participate are required to fill in the attached form and email/fax it back to MPS before 26th August 2009 (Wednesday). All campaign information will be send by email.
Let’s all do our bit and work together in this national campaign as this will be the one chance to prove our worth to everyone. We need a critical mass to ensure that the program is successful.
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Know Your Pharmacist Campaign
September 2009
Name of Pharmacy: _____________________________________________________________________________
Address (office only): __________________________________________________________________________
Name of Pharmacist: _____________________________________________________________________________ 
New IC No:_____________________________________      Fax: __________________________________________
Handphone: __________________________________    Office phone: __________________________________ 
Email (All communication will be done by email):__________________________________________________
Completed registration form is to be sent to the MPS secretariat by 26th August 2009 (Wednesday) at
5-B Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur or
Fax 03-7726 3749 or email the require information to with the subject title as “KYP – (your name)” eg: KYP – Adam


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