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Title: Benchmarking Guidelines 2017
Date: 12-Jan-2017
Category: Guideline

The latest edition of the Community Pharmacy Benchmarking Guidelines is available online. It can be downloaded from

>>> Pharmaceutical Services Division

>>> MPS website

The introduction states that the guideline serves as a set of standards that needs to be complied with for the purpose of community pharmacy set up, training activities (under-graduate / pre-registration), audits and complementing the licensing requirement.  The purpose is to ensure the quality of community pharmacy practice for the benefit of the consumer / patients.

The Guideline recommends that the community pharmacist should have full management control of the pharmacy practice. Note that it does not call for ownership should be a pharmacist.  It also does not allow a sharing of premise.

You are allowed to display the following services namely:

  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Urine Pregnancy Test
  • Electronic BP monitoring

Another important point to note is that the Notice of the Pharmacist on duty to be display and to include the name, time, date / duty and photo

The community pharmacy logo is encouraged to be use.

In Appendix VI of the guideline there are 3 checklists to assist the Community Pharmacist

  1. Compulsory requirement
  2. Optional requirement
  3. Compulsory requirement for those specific services / products that available in the premise

Please do read the guidelines to familiarize with the requirements




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