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Title: Member Benefit - Discount for BMW and MINI Cars
Date: 01-Jan-2018
Category: Member Benefits


Auto Bavaria, the distributor of BMW and MINI cars is offering special discount to members of MPS for the purchase of selected models of their cars.

The discount offered are:

2 to 4 units: 6%
5 units and above 7%
BMW 1 Series: 4%

The discounts are cumulative for purchases made by members

Terms and conditions:

  1. Being a member of MPS for at least 6 months
  2. Not applicable for demo / registered cars or other promotional campaign
  3. The car can be registered under the spouse name
  4. Each family (member and spouse) shall only be entitle to one discount per year
  5. The car purchased must not be sold within a period of twelve months
  6. There will be a 3% discount off the normal rate for credit if provided by their related credit company
  7. A special discount of RM900 for a Driver Training Program
  8. A special introductory letter will be provided to eligible MPS members upon request using the request form

Note: Each member don’t have to buy 2 cars to qualify for the discount.   As long as you and another member buy one car each, both will qualify for 6%. If 5 members purchase 5 cars, all will get 7%.  The purchase need not be carried out all together. Thus the member who bought earlier with 6% discount will be given additional rebate of 1%.

To apply please submit the Fleet Discount Membership Benefit Application to the MPS Secretariat

>>> Fleet Discount Membership Benefit Application


Other terms and conditions may apply and members are advised to check with the dealer:

Contact details:

Mr Albert Sim 012-4123005 or or




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