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Title: Analysis Report: Distribution of Poison License A Holders and Community Pharmacies in Malaysia
Date: 28-Jan-2019
Category: Others
Source/Author: By Tan Zhi Shan, Sujata (RPh 14569)

As of 31st December 2018, there is no publicly available data which shows the exact number and composition breakdown of Poison License A holders (usually Pharmacists) as well as the number of Community Pharmacies in Malaysia. There is a Register of Licenses available on the Official Portal of Pharmaceutical Services Program, Ministry of Health Malaysia. However its filtering and sorting functions are limited, for example:

  • Licenses are only distinguishable by Retail, Retail and Wholesale, Wholesale but no other categories available for selection
  • Licenses which have been cancelled remains in the Register, which results in several duplicates, especially if the license holder changes company or moves to a different state to work

There are a total of 5008 Poison License A holders and 2889 Community Pharmacies in Malaysia as of 31st December 2018





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