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Title: Professional fee for Smoking Cessation Service at Community Pharmacy
Date: 10-Apr-2020
Category: Community Pharmacy
Dear pharmacists,
The Community Pharmacy chapter aims to collect feedback from community pharmacists in Malaysia on the matter of professional fee for smoking cessation service for developing a guideline.
Community pharmacists are highly accessible members of the healthcare team. Smoking cessation service is one of the community pharmacists' enhanced roles in reducing the smoking epidemic.Thus far, Malaysian community pharmacists have been providing smoking cessation services without any professional charges. We at Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) feel that it is only fair that we will impose a professional fee for smoking cessation services provided by community pharmacists in Malaysia, be it through mQuit program, CSCSP program or any other structured smoking cessation program.
This survey will only take about 3 minutes. We would appreciate it if you could give us your feedback by 20th April.Thank you very much for participating in this survey.
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