Health and Pharmaceutical Sector in Malaysia

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Access by poor to key drugs at stake in TPP talks

Read More > Date 09-Dec-2013 | Category
Apex confident of new products

Read More > Date 18-Mar-2003 | Category
Apex confident of steady growth

Read More > Date 21-Aug-2003 | Category
Apex exits retail ops, selling pharmacy stores to Watson

Read More > Date 14-Jul-2004 | Category
Apex sees 15% rise in sales

Read More > Date 27-Oct-2003 | Category
Canadian's View of the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector of Malaysia

Read More > Date 14-May-2002 | Category
CCM top drug firm in making

Read More > Date 14-Mar-2007 | Category
CCM, Guardian to dispose of assests

Read More > Date 18-Sep-2004 | Category
Cosmetics and Toiletries - Australia's View

Read More > Date 14-May-2002 | Category
Dairy Farm said in talks to buy Prima Health

Read More > Date 03-Aug-2004 | Category
Diversification, product plans help boost Duopharma earnings

Read More > Date 31-Aug-2004 | Category
Duopharma confident Pharmaniaga contract will be renewed

Read More > Date 22-May-2003 | Category
Duopharma proposes 1-for-5 bonus issue, transfer to Main Board

Read More > Date 23-May-2003 | Category
Duopharma targets RM10 mil from OTC products

Read More > Date 05-May-2004 | Category
Eng Kah sees Afta boost

Read More > Date 07-Mar-2003 | Category
Eng Kah sets target for more products

Read More > Date 18-Jun-2003 | Category
Export markets another growth source for domestic phamaceuticals

Read More > Date 27-Oct-2003 | Category
FIC rejects Watson?s bid to buy Apex Pharmacy

Read More > Date 15-Dec-2004 | Category
George Town sees potential in GTC chain despite competition

Read More > Date 22-Jul-2004 | Category
Hai-O set to boost results

Read More > Date 07-Mar-2003 | Category

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